Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tag Art

 Tag art. I say these two words and fellow stampers light up.
I say this to the non-stamping world and I get a questionable look as tho I have a can of spray paint behind my back!
Tag art is simple - any burst of creativity contained within the boundaries of an actual traditional shipping tag.
The only misconception - there are no boundaries.

Shipping tag art is limitless; all forms of mediums can be used.
My favorite way to create an art tag is via collage. I choose a theme or common goal and usually end up with a series of tags reflecting one thought. Each are individual works but when displayed together, form a continuous series of images.

I enjoy a monochromatic look for my tag art. Utilizing similar color schemes throughout one or more tags. My themes are inspired from almost anywhere in everyday life to imaginative, fantasy inspired topics. Textures and raised elements are achieved using nearly anything in your studio; from makeup sponges and ink-pads to scraps of wrapping paper with torn edges to accent a stamped image!

Here's hoping these tags will inspire you to have a burst of creativity!

Note: The tags in this post are approx. 8.5 x 4 inches. The stamps range from Magenta art-stamps to Stampin' Up images among others. 3-D elements are small charms, miniature dominos, magenta workable metallic sticker sheets, various buttons, flat backed crystal elements and hand-punch shapes.
Other embellishments are Krylon silver and gold metallic pens and Sakura GellyRoll glitter pens for shimmering enhancements.
Textile tassels are random yarns and ribbon scrap matched to enhance the color scheme of each art tag.

All images are property of ShootingStar Studio and may not be reproduced without permission.

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  1. I love these! I started scrapbooking a year ago, an make elaborate pages but never add pictures into them, LOL. I think I need to move on to something like this!

    Thanks for sharing!


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