Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the Beginning...

In the beginning ...

...there were crayons; construction paper; paste and safety scissors.

Do you see where this is going? ;)

Yes, the beginning was pretty much everything before Pre-K!
It was all up-hill from there.
Fast forward to present day and few more art supplies (and a computer).

This 'beginner' blog is not a daily journal, nor is it a blatant self promotion, well, maybe a little self promotion.
It is a way to log and organize some of my artwork. Artwork that otherwise, comes to completion and filed away or let go without cataloging.

A wise young woman said to me last week, "create a blog for yourself"; so here I am.
In the coming days, weeks, (and I hope months) there will be entries, photos, how-to's and here's hoping - valuable tidbits and information.

I will cover my favorite mediums and aspects of art, such as colored pencils and pastels; watercolor painting and illustration; calligraphy and hand-lettering; art stamping and collage. The list is really endless; I've tried way too many mediums and fallen victim to them all.
Some may say, 'Jack of All Trades' but I like to imagine a more positive spin and just say - 'Artist without Borders'.


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  1. Love it!!! You are so talent your talents no no bounds!!! Smooches and hugs, Lisa (in Ma)


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