Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bunny Hop!

Hello again!

As we quickly approach the end of April 2010 - and the closing of one of my first stamping/swap groups- ATC Divas/Divos - another door opens.
But before that new door opens, I am sharing my last submission to the wonderful group called ATC Divas/ by some very talented women...Thank you to Cathy Y. of Indiana and Pat H. of Connecticut ...

This last submission is dedicated to you and to Jinny B. for starting her new group!

The theme for April 2010: Bunnies!

It is with soft sadness but renewed happiness that I say goodbye to the
ATC Divas but hello to a new group! Jinny B. (also of Connecticut) whom I will
be joining in tandem to manage the new ATC group.
I hope we can do as great a job as Cathy Y. in her time as moderator/leader of the Swaps! ;)

The above ATC (edition of 12) was created using 'Tablet stock' in coordinating colors. The base has a glittered 'damask' pattern. The bunny used was from an illustration of 'Bunnies by the Bay' which I printed out the computer and outlined in soft, glittery lavendar color pen by Sakura. Whiskers were also placed on the bunny's face using a clear glitter gel pen.

The bunny design wraps around to the back of the card where it is signed and numbered.

The mini 'tags' were cut from shimmery lavendar paper stock and had the message written in the same Sakura gel-pen.
The stamp 'Bonjour' stamp on the tummy is from 'STAMPIN' UP' stamps.
The textile is courtesy of 'Country Yarn's' in Wallingford, CT.
The bunny tales are from a 'pom-pom' ribbon from Joannes Crafts.

The message is subtle but clear...Good bye to the ATC Divas from Bunny but Bonjour/Hello to the new ATC group also from Bunny.

Hope you enjoyed!

As always - any questions or details I missed in the description (if you would like to duplicate a card or handcraft) please email me or post your question in the comment section. I will try to answer in a timely manner! :)

Thanks and happy paper crafting!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paper Art Greeting Card

A handmade card can be constructed of anything you may have in your craft trunk!
You can use paper bags from a gift shop or boutique, you can use wrapping paper scrap or even an old post card with a decorative hole punch.

You can make a card out of anything that isn't "glued down"! ;)

Here is an example of an Easter/Spring Card in square format using tablet card stock/tablet paper/wrap-scrap and one single stamped image (the butterfly) accented with PrismaColor pencils and clear glitter-gel pens by Sakura.

Arranging the colors and hole punched shapes from corner to corner on a diagonal give the illusion of the objects floating upward!

Hope you enjoy!