Sunday, March 27, 2011

ATC Alert!

It's been too long - I've been a bad blogger! ;)
Well, without further delay ... here are some newer/recent ATC's
from my swap group based here in Connecticut (but we have members all over the country!

Stamp People - Edition of 10

Juicy Fruit Theme...Summer 2010

Angels and Angel Wings, January 2011

More to come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cuttle-Buggin' !

Do you CuttleBug with the one's you love?

The CuttleBug embossing/die-cutting 'machine' is a wonder. A little gem of
an invention and something no stamper/scrapbooker should be without.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and colors and the embossing folders and die-cut folders are no exception. Toss in a paper block of natural colors and you have a night of creative fun!

Without further ado (about nothing ;) here is my first Cuttle-Bug ATC completed last month for a June swap!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bunny Hop!

Hello again!

As we quickly approach the end of April 2010 - and the closing of one of my first stamping/swap groups- ATC Divas/Divos - another door opens.
But before that new door opens, I am sharing my last submission to the wonderful group called ATC Divas/ by some very talented women...Thank you to Cathy Y. of Indiana and Pat H. of Connecticut ...

This last submission is dedicated to you and to Jinny B. for starting her new group!

The theme for April 2010: Bunnies!

It is with soft sadness but renewed happiness that I say goodbye to the
ATC Divas but hello to a new group! Jinny B. (also of Connecticut) whom I will
be joining in tandem to manage the new ATC group.
I hope we can do as great a job as Cathy Y. in her time as moderator/leader of the Swaps! ;)

The above ATC (edition of 12) was created using 'Tablet stock' in coordinating colors. The base has a glittered 'damask' pattern. The bunny used was from an illustration of 'Bunnies by the Bay' which I printed out the computer and outlined in soft, glittery lavendar color pen by Sakura. Whiskers were also placed on the bunny's face using a clear glitter gel pen.

The bunny design wraps around to the back of the card where it is signed and numbered.

The mini 'tags' were cut from shimmery lavendar paper stock and had the message written in the same Sakura gel-pen.
The stamp 'Bonjour' stamp on the tummy is from 'STAMPIN' UP' stamps.
The textile is courtesy of 'Country Yarn's' in Wallingford, CT.
The bunny tales are from a 'pom-pom' ribbon from Joannes Crafts.

The message is subtle but clear...Good bye to the ATC Divas from Bunny but Bonjour/Hello to the new ATC group also from Bunny.

Hope you enjoyed!

As always - any questions or details I missed in the description (if you would like to duplicate a card or handcraft) please email me or post your question in the comment section. I will try to answer in a timely manner! :)

Thanks and happy paper crafting!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paper Art Greeting Card

A handmade card can be constructed of anything you may have in your craft trunk!
You can use paper bags from a gift shop or boutique, you can use wrapping paper scrap or even an old post card with a decorative hole punch.

You can make a card out of anything that isn't "glued down"! ;)

Here is an example of an Easter/Spring Card in square format using tablet card stock/tablet paper/wrap-scrap and one single stamped image (the butterfly) accented with PrismaColor pencils and clear glitter-gel pens by Sakura.

Arranging the colors and hole punched shapes from corner to corner on a diagonal give the illusion of the objects floating upward!

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tag Art

 Tag art. I say these two words and fellow stampers light up.
I say this to the non-stamping world and I get a questionable look as tho I have a can of spray paint behind my back!
Tag art is simple - any burst of creativity contained within the boundaries of an actual traditional shipping tag.
The only misconception - there are no boundaries.

Shipping tag art is limitless; all forms of mediums can be used.
My favorite way to create an art tag is via collage. I choose a theme or common goal and usually end up with a series of tags reflecting one thought. Each are individual works but when displayed together, form a continuous series of images.

I enjoy a monochromatic look for my tag art. Utilizing similar color schemes throughout one or more tags. My themes are inspired from almost anywhere in everyday life to imaginative, fantasy inspired topics. Textures and raised elements are achieved using nearly anything in your studio; from makeup sponges and ink-pads to scraps of wrapping paper with torn edges to accent a stamped image!

Here's hoping these tags will inspire you to have a burst of creativity!

Note: The tags in this post are approx. 8.5 x 4 inches. The stamps range from Magenta art-stamps to Stampin' Up images among others. 3-D elements are small charms, miniature dominos, magenta workable metallic sticker sheets, various buttons, flat backed crystal elements and hand-punch shapes.
Other embellishments are Krylon silver and gold metallic pens and Sakura GellyRoll glitter pens for shimmering enhancements.
Textile tassels are random yarns and ribbon scrap matched to enhance the color scheme of each art tag.

All images are property of ShootingStar Studio and may not be reproduced without permission.

In the Beginning...

In the beginning ...

...there were crayons; construction paper; paste and safety scissors.

Do you see where this is going? ;)

Yes, the beginning was pretty much everything before Pre-K!
It was all up-hill from there.
Fast forward to present day and few more art supplies (and a computer).

This 'beginner' blog is not a daily journal, nor is it a blatant self promotion, well, maybe a little self promotion.
It is a way to log and organize some of my artwork. Artwork that otherwise, comes to completion and filed away or let go without cataloging.

A wise young woman said to me last week, "create a blog for yourself"; so here I am.
In the coming days, weeks, (and I hope months) there will be entries, photos, how-to's and here's hoping - valuable tidbits and information.

I will cover my favorite mediums and aspects of art, such as colored pencils and pastels; watercolor painting and illustration; calligraphy and hand-lettering; art stamping and collage. The list is really endless; I've tried way too many mediums and fallen victim to them all.
Some may say, 'Jack of All Trades' but I like to imagine a more positive spin and just say - 'Artist without Borders'.